We produce both artists charcoal and charcoal for barbecues and smoking food.

Artist Charcoal
Resturant Quality Barbecue Charcoal

Artists charcoal is one of the oldest art media known to mankind, having been in use for at least 35,000 years.

Our Artists charcoal is made in the traditional way using coppiced willow. This helps us to create a well managed habitat for a wide variety of animals including ground nesting birds.

Each box contains ten sticks of charcoal in assorted sizes from 2mm to 10mm.

Our artists charcoal is available direct from us for £5 with free P&P.  (UK Mainland only).

Delivery normally 3 to 5 working days





Our barbecue charcoal is restaurant quality. It heats in approximately 10 minutes and maintains its heat.

Over 90% of the charcoal used in Britain is imported. Much of this is from environmentally sensitive areas such as rainforests. Imported lumpwood charcoal is denser than British charcoal making it slower to reach the required temperature. Charcoal briquettes are made by compressing charcoal powder and a binder, causing them to heat even slower. As a result the manufacturers often add accelerators and other volatile chemical additives to make it possible to light the charcoal. If these chemicals have not been added, briquettes and imported lumpwood charcoal require the use of firelighters. Fumes from these firelighters or chemical additives taint the food.

Our Devon made charcoal is simply carbonised hardwood. It contains no chemical additives and can be lit using paper. The wood we use all comes from sustainable forestry and land management, carried out within a few miles of Rackenford, Devon. This makes it the best option for barbecues, smoking food and firepits.